Haleiwa grocery store employee recovering after being slashed across neck

A North Shore community is still in shock after learning one of their long time grocery workers was stabbed at Malama Market.

“Anything that happens with this intensity is a huge blow to our community. We are really tight knit community here on the North Shore. It’s like one big family. If something happens to one person, it’s felt by everyone,” explains Mike McNeace, North Shore Neighborhood Board member.

Witnesses say it was a busy day on Tuesday at the market.

People that shop at the grocery store know the victim as Jerry, and many say the assistant manager is well known in the community.

“Jerry is a very kind person, always willing to help you, ask you how you’re doing in the day, always concerned about his customers,” frequent shopper Shanee said.

One witness who did not want to be identified says the the suspect used a knife to stab the victim in the neck.

“He was saying Jerry was a vampire, and that he was not a human being, and he doesn’t work there. And he kept saying Jerry was a vampire,” the witness said.

That’s when the witness tried to stop the suspect.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was just holding his arm with the knife and try to hold him down as best as I could,” the witness said. “I was telling to drop his knife but he kept trying to get away.”

The suspect was held down by other bystanders until police arrived.

HPD arrested the suspect, 54-year-old John Mayhew, at the scene. Mayhew was charged for attempted murder on Thursday. His bail is set at $100,000.

John Mayhew
John Mayhew

A spokesperson for Malama Market sent us this statement, “… we have hired security personnel as an extra precaution and for the comfort of our employees and customers.”

McNeace hopes this one incident will bring more awareness instead of fear.

“I certainly hope that this doesn’t scare people. I think we need to be strong as a community and not fight it, but to get together and try to solve it,” said McNeace.

The company closed the store today, and they are providing counseling for employees.

The neighborhood board chair said they will look at ways to protect people who live and work in Haleiwa. It’s too soon to know exactly what will be done, but the idea of having a neighborhood security watch might be part of the plan.

Store to remain closed today, will reopen tomorrow, April 20

We are shocked and saddened by the tragic incident that took place at Malama Market Haleiwa yesterday. Our hearts and prayers go out to our brave employees especially our assistant manager who was injured during the assault. He is currently in stable condition at the hospital. Everyone throughout our company is praying for his recovery and healing.

We don’t yet know all the details of what occurred and why, but are cooperating fully with Honolulu police and investigators. We are providing counseling support to our employees who were at the store at the time of the incident. Our store will remain closed today, and will reopen tomorrow after a meeting and blessing with our employees. While this was an isolated incident, we have hired security personnel as an extra precaution and for the comfort of our employees and customers.

We wish to thank our store management team and employees for their courage, responsiveness and assistance in handling the situation, as well as Honolulu police and emergency responders for their guidance, help, and support.

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