Kailua woman wins ‘hands on’ endurance challenge, new vehicle

A Kailua woman emerged victorious after an endurance test at Windward Mall that lasted for more than 60 hours.

At 6 p.m. Thursday, 19 people began holding onto brand-new Kia Souls with the hope of making it theirs.

As part of Kia’s “Hands On Challenge,” the person who could hold on to the car the longest got to take it home.

“It’s going to be rigorous,” said Aloha Kia Windward manager Mark Price before the contest began. “They have to have two feet flat on the ground. They have to have at least one hand touching the car all the time. They can’t touch any body parts, no clothes, nothing can touch the car. You can’t touch the person next to you. You have to be smelling okay. You can’t outsmell somebody else to get them out of there. There are a lot of rules and regulations.”

Christine Macpherson was the last person standing, and she says the new vehicle will be a big relief for her family.

“We do have one car, but we’ve been sharing for the last two or three years, so we need it,” she said. “I’m the chauffeur, and we’re all over the place, so one extra car is going to be a big help.”

Competitors needed to have two feet flat on the ground at all times. They weren’t allowed to use their phones, read, or write, or draw, and could only take 15-minute breaks every three hours. So how did Macpherson do it?

“I had my pit crew when it came down to the last 20 minutes,” she replied. “I was like get everything ready. Everybody’s massaging my feet, because as soon as the timer went off, I was in the back, feet up, and everybody was just rubbing my feet.”


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