Bloodied and bruised, victim describes alleged attack by escaped inmate

Two inmates who escaped from Waiawa Correctional Facility Tuesday night are now back behind bars and face more jail time after they were caught in Waimanalo.

Prior to their capture Thursday afternoon, police believe Kamaka Villegas and Kekoa Aspera were responsible for a robbery at Kailua Beach that left Gizelle D’Souza bloodied and bruised.

D’Souza says when she went to the restroom, she saw the suspect standing outside, but didn’t think much of it. She says that same man was standing by the door, waiting for her to emerge.

“Immediately with a closed fist, he started hitting me in my eye and after in my jaw, about a couple of punches in my eye and a couple of punches in my jaw,” she said. “I would say about two to three times in my left eye, and about two to three times in my jaw.”

D’Souza suffered a fractured eye socket and jaw. Her front teeth have been pushed in, and she now needs emergency surgery.

“He didn’t have to hit me. If he was interested in my bag, it was not that he needed to hit me to rob me,” D’Souza said. “A few dollars can’t take you far, and bashing someone doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Police say Villegas and Aspera took off in a stolen vehicle that officers tracked to Waimanalo.

During his arrest, KHON2 asked Villegas why he did it. “Stupidity,” Villegas replied. “I’m sorry.”

“That was a shock to hear that he was an escaped convict. I just feel so scared and so insecure that there are these people out there,” D’Souza said. “I’m glad he’s realized that was stupidity, that he’s sorry about it. I guess I just wish it hadn’t happened in the first place.”

It’s been a traumatic 24 hours for D’Souza and her husband, Chris, especially since this is their first trip to Hawaii.

“We had such a good time in Hawaii these last four days,” said Chris D’Souza. “We had three weeks planned, but I don’t think that is going to happen now, but we will probably come back again.”

KHON2 asked, what would you want to say to the suspects who did this to you?

“You are not going to get anything out of it,” said Gizelle D’Souza. “You are not going to get far. There is no point in doing this to anyone because you are going to get caught.”

The Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii (VASH) is helping the couple get back on their feet.

CEO Jessica Lani Rich tells us “the most important thing when you’re traveling is please remember to keep half your credit cards in your hotel safe, so that way if any unfortunate thing happens, you’re still taken care of. You still have your safety net.”

Rich says the D’Souzas did a smart thing by locking up their passports in their hotel safe, however their credit cards, cash, and IDs that were in the bag that was stolen are still missing.

The Department of Public Safety says it has not received any new information about the third escapee, who remains missing. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Brian Aquino, call police.

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