Man arrested for murder after woman found dead in Waikiki hotel room

Honolulu police are investigating the death of a woman in Waikiki.

Officers were called to Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel on Kuhio Avenue at 4:17 a.m. Friday, where they found the body of a 29-year-old woman.

Jeremy Henderson, 42, was arrested at the scene and later charged with second-degree murder. His bail was set at 1-million dollars.

Jeremy Henderson
Jeremy Henderson

“We don’t know very much about the relationship at this time. It’s still under investigation,” said Capt. Walter Ozeki of the Criminal Investigation Division. “The male was the only occupant of the unit other than the female at that time.”

Police would not release any details on the nature of her injuries.

However, Ozeki said, “this seems to be an isolated incident. There’s nothing to support that this was of any additional crime or crime spree or anything like that.”

Sources tell us the woman has a local address while the suspect has a California address.

This is the second murder reported in the neighborhood in the past two weeks.

Police are still investigating the murder of Liu Yun Gong, whose remains were found in a freezer in an apartment a few blocks away.

According to court documents, her son, Yu Wei Gong, confessed to her murder. He was indicted by a grand jury on April 19.

A Waikiki neighborhood board member says the recent murders are troubling, and she’d like to see more police presence in the community.

“I think any time you have violence, it hurts. People don’t come here to get hurt or damaged, they come here to relax and feel paradise,” said Jo-Ann Adams, Waikiki neighborhood board secretary. “Murder is not part of anybody’s image of paradise, so of course it’s going to be problematic, but that’s why we have to emphasize at the same time how rare it is in Waikiki.”

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