Local artist creates ceramic mural for Waianae police station

Photo: City and County of Honolulu

A new addition to the Waianae police station was dedicated Friday.

Artist Mark Kadota created a 10-panel ceramic mural called “Na Kumu Kānāwai” or “Foundations of Law” that adorns the building’s exterior.

The mural uses Hawaiian symbols to illustrate beliefs and customs of ancient Hawaii that served as traditional laws regulating the privileges and prohibitions of the Hawaiian people.

“It is my endeavor to preserve our past in Hawaii through linking the ancient to the present,” Kadota said.

“Mark lives and breathes Waianae, so this artwork is a part of him and the city is proud to showcase it here at the new Waianae police substation,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

The Waianae police station opened in May 2016, replaced the substation built in 1961.

The Commission on Culture and the Arts selected Kadota for the project from among 77 applicants. His commission for the artwork is $80,000, or less than one-half of one percent of the $16.4 million cost of the new police station.

Photo: City and County of Honolulu

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