Family shares emotional moments while visiting site where Peter Boy’s body reportedly dumped

On Wednesday morning, authorities escorted the family of “Peter Boy” Kema to the site where his father says he left the young boy’s body.

Hawaii Island prosecutor Mitch Roth and Hawaii Police Department Capt. Randall Medeiros spoke at a news conference following the visit.

Peter Kema Sr. led authorities to the area on Sunday, as part of a plea deal.

Officials won’t disclose where it is. All we know is that it’s in Puna and on private property.

Prosecutor Mitch Roth says the day was filled with emotional, touching moments, and tears.

“As we were driving out this morning, came across a patch of rain, and we were in two different cars,” Roth said. “We talked about tears from heaven. The aunty said it was Peter Boy crying that ‘You’re finally coming for me.’

“When we got to the location, the rain stopped and clouds parted and there was sun,” Roth added. “It was a beautiful moment — sad, but touching and spiritual.”

Candles were lit and prayers were said, according to Roth. Officials who escorted the family gave them a small vial to take some of the soil back home with them.

“The grandfather, when he got out there, the whole family said a prayer, and one of the comments he made, he said a prayer to his wife who had passed away. On her deathbed, he made a promise to her he wouldn’t stop looking, so when he got there, he said, ‘We found him,’ to her and ‘it’s now in your hands.’ That was his comment,” Roth said.

As for the search itself, police are prepared for a challenging search. Police have not given the names of the agencies that are going to help but expect to search for the remains in the upcoming weeks.

“When Peter Boy’s father showed us the location and explained what his actions were when he disposed of his remains, we recognized that to conduct the search properly, we had to reach out to another agency with proper expertise and equipment,” Medeiros said.

They’re asking the public not to try and find Peter Boy on their own, no matter how good the intention.

“Eventually all this will come out and we can explain later, but at this point, we don’t want people going in and chopping through what’s still a crime scene,” Roth said. “We’re hoping we can find whatever we can, whatever remains we can to bring back to the family.”

Authorities are also prepared for the possibility that Peter Boy will never be found.

“As far as the legal side, the plea agreement, if we can’t find remains, Kema will have to take a polygraph to tell us where he left body,” Roth said. “We feel confident where he brought us to was where he disposed of his son, however he also lied for 20 years, so we’re not 100 percent.”

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