High tide floods beaches, roads on Oahu; what’s behind the deluge of water

We’ve been getting lots of calls from viewers reporting tidal flooding in many areas across the island, with reports of water covering beaches, boat ramps, and roads in West Oahu, Mapunapuna, and Hawaii Kai.

Hilton Hawaiian Village was forced to cancel its weekly fireworks show, because water covered the area where fireworks are normally launched.

A viewer sent us footage of water covering Kalakaua Avenue near Kaimana Beach. No roads have been officially closed.

What caused the deluge of water? Experts say it’s a combination of high surf and high tide.

The sea level reached high tide at 6:15 p.m., registering at 2 feet. It was compounded by a south swell that reached eight feet, which was high enough to trigger a high surf advisory.

Alone, each factor is not unusual. But, experts say, the occurrence of both at the same time is somewhat rare, and triggered Friday’s dramatic effects.

Though Friday’s heavy rain wasn’t a factor, more rain is expected through the weekend. Click here for the full forecast.

Kalakaua Avenue (Photo: Alexis Inso)

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