Hundred march for ‘climate justice’ in Waikiki

This morning hundreds of people marched through Waikiki in solidarity with the People’s Climate Movement.

The goal was to encourage organizations to move away from fossil fuels.

People who marched said they plan to continue to take action and raise awareness about the climate justice issue. They believe that climate change is a threat to our future.

“We are fighting for their future because we want them to have a safe and sustainable future like the ones we had,” Broderick Menke, Chaminade Students Fighting for Climate Justice, said.

“People all over the world are concerned about climate change. We are trying to educate, motivate, and activate people. We can do something about climate change if we work together, and we can make that happen,” David Mulinix, Our Revolution Hawaii, said.

The march started at the Kalakaua statue in Waikiki carrying signs and making their voices heard about sea levels rising and moving towards renewable energy. It ended at the Honolulu Zoo.

“This year in particular we have seen more people come out and get involved than ever before and that’s something that is really encouraging because it means we can continue moving toward renewable energy, addressing our sea level rise, and loss of fresh water supply and hurricanes and make sure that we continue to save money for local residents by getting away from expensive fossil fuels,” state Rep. Chris Lee, Kailua, said.

Some people wore diving masks during the march to bring attention to sea levels rising, including Rafael Bergstrom the director of the Surfrider Oahu Chapter.

“It’s sad because this is our future. It’s the place that we live and the place that we care about, and to deny so much evidence of what’s coming with climate change and sea level rise. It’s disturbing because we have an opportunity to prepare ourselves and make changes now, but the more that we deny it and the more we refuse to look at the evidence and see the truth the worse off we are going to be in the future,” Bergstrom said.

The Environmental Protection Agency has removed most of the information on climate change from its website. A press release from the agency said the website is being updated to “reflect the approach of new leadership.”

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