Wet weekend causes potholes, landslides, and flooded roads across Maui

Kaupo Landslide (Credit: County of Maui)

This wet weekend has caused some disruption on our daily commute. Especially on Maui, where some roadways are closed because of flooding and sinkholes.

Fire officials are warning drivers not to cross deep or fast moving water.

A portion of South Kihei Road — between Kaonoulu Street and Ohukai Road — is still closed because of flooding.

Saturday night that road was so flooded, vehicles couldn’t get through. One car even got stuck.

Junior Carnate of Wailuku said flood waters reached above his knees.

“Some areas I was surprised how deep it was, I thought it was knee high but there was actually almost waist high some areas I went into,” said Junior Carnate, “I was surprised we had that much rain and I have a lifted truck I figure I go drive around.”

Carnate wanted to see if anybody needed help. That’s when he spotted a vehicle stuck in water on South Kihei Road near Kaonoulu Street.

“So I drove up to it and I thought somebody was stuck in there…they abandoned their vehicle.”

Maui Fire crews also came across the car, but were also unable to locate the driver.

“I strongly advise people to stay off the road because once your vehicle is stuck in water your motor is going to go in hydro-lock and that motor would need to be replaced,” said Carnate.

The Maui Fire Department said it did not respond to any other weather related emergencies.

Kalepa sinkhole after temp repairs (Courtesy: Jonathan Starr)

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