Hawaiian Airlines unveils new branding while dealing with ongoing issues at airport

Hawaiian Airlines has gone through several changes since its inception 87 years ago, and on Monday, the carrier unveiled another new look.

The company’s updated brand identity still features Pualani, a woman’s face and flower on the plane’s tail, but there’s also now a silver maile lei that wraps around the fuselage. Painting of all aircraft and ground service equipment is scheduled to be complete by 2020.

While it was a day of celebration for Hawaiian Airlines, president and CEO Mark Dunkerley also expressed frustration.

Christopher Stevens shared a photo over the weekend using the Report It feature on our website. Caution tape and large bins catching leaking rainwater greeted passengers on Sunday.

Photo: Christopher Stevens

This is not the first time Daniel K. Inouye International Airport has had issues following heavy rains. In February, the facility’s drainage system was inundated, creating a waterfall at the international arrivals area.

A measure that failed to gain legislative approval would have created an agency to manage Hawaii’s airports.

“It is a disappointment. Our airport facilities are — to call them behind the times doesn’t do justice just to how awful they are,” said Dunkerley, “so we find ourselves back in a situation that is unattractive, untenable frankly, and so it’s disappointing that the bill didn’t pass.”

The Hawaii Department of Transportation had also supported the bill.

“An airport corporation would have added efficiency and reduced redundancy, which would have helped construction projects finish faster. Airport management does not have control over the decision making that would deliver first class airports. Without systematic changes, the public should not expect significant changes at our airports,” said Ford Fuchigami, Hawaii Department of Transportation Director.

The airport is undergoing a modernization project that includes a consolidated rental car facility, improvements to the mauka course, and widening of some taxi lanes.

Hawaiian Airlines took over the airport’s bungled hangar project, which switched hands after the DOT declared its general contractor in default in 2015.

Dunkerley says he hopes the facility will be done before the Christmas rush, otherwise it will have to be pushed back to January.

“It is years late, years behind. The quality of the work has been very, very poor, so we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Dunkerley said. “The entire facility is going to be about 50-percent over-budget by the time all is said and done, and it’ll be somewhere roughly in the $120, $130 million range for this, which is unacceptable.”

Dunkerley assures no taxpayer money is being used on this project.

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