Bills that made their way through the legislature

Adjournment sine die for the Hawaii State Legislature was on May 4, and the session ended with a leadership shakeup in both the House and Senate.

One of the ways the public can look at a legislative session is by the number of bills that moved through to the governor.

It’s not a measurement of success as the quality of the language in bills are more important than the quantity of legislation.

However, it is one way to look at the process.

In 2017, the House introduced 1,601 bills and the Senate introduced 1,317 bills. That’s a total of 2,918 bills introduced by legislators.

In 2015, the first year of the previous biennium, there were 1,515 House bills and 1,379 Senate bills introduced.

On May 4, 2017, 134 House bills and 99 Senate bills passed the legislature or were decked for final reading. That’s a total of 233 bills passed by the legislature.

In 2015, 118 House bills and 136 Senate bills made it through to the same step.

15 are already signed into law by Gov. Ige from this session at this time of this post.

  • HB1530 Appropriates funds to provide for the expenses of the Legislature Auditor Legislative Reference Bureau Ombudsman and Ethics Commission.
  • HB141 Repeals and abolishes various non-general funds of GOV OHA and DOE as recommended by the Auditor in Auditor’s Report Nos. 16-09 16-10 and 16-11 and transfers unencumbered balances.
  • HB147 Repeals various sections of Hawaii net income tax laws for the purpose of deleting obsolete and unnecessary provisions.
  • HB1079 Creates a framework for authorizing post-secondary degree-granting educational institutions that have applied for accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • HB1509 Requires the State and counties to consider storm water management in the development of the Hawaii Water Resource Protection Plan.
  • SB103 Implements the state constitutional amendment of Senate Bill No. 2554 of the Regular Session of 2016 that authorizes the disposition of excess general fund revenues to pre-pay general obligation bond debt service or pension or other post-employment benefit liabilities. Takes effect 6/30/2017.
  • SB1007 Changes the frequency of filing returns of taxes withheld on wages paid from monthly to quarterly for all employers.
  • SB942 Amends section 328L-3 Hawaii Revised Statutes to remove the specific percentage of tobacco settlement moneys that is to be deposited to the Emergency and Budget Reserve Fund.
  • SB939 Clarifies the investment and funds management functions of the Department of Budget and Finance.
  • SB882 Designates the month of October as “Farm to School Month in Hawaii.”
  • SB283 Renames Mokulele highway on Maui as the Maui veterans highway.
  • SB1218 Amends various provisions of the Hawaii Revised Statutes and the Session Laws of Hawaii for the purposes of correcting errors and references clarifying language and deleting obsolete or unnecessary provisions.
  • HB775 Repeals the requirement that the DOA must: (1) grant permission prior to the removal of eggs from any dock or landing; and (2) certify that eggs contained in a shipment are properly marked. Requires importation and other documents to be furnished to the DOA before imported eggs are offered for sale. Provides that a violation of section 147-75 Hawaii Revised Statutes shall be considered an unfair and deceptive act or practice for which a person may bring an action.
  • HB850 Repeals requirements for the University of Hawaii to prepare certain annual reports to the Legislature.
  • HB1041 Deletes “every fifth year reporting” requirement by the greenhouse gas emissions reduction task force to the Legislature and changes who is authorized to appoint the panel to conduct the evaluation of the energy systems development special fund projects.

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