Try It Before You Buy It: 5 Second Fix

Ever buy something then realize it didn’t really work? Wish you could try the product before you bought it?

You’ve probably seen infomercials for the 5 Second Fix. They promise to repair just about anything in five seconds.

The commercial says it’s so strong it can be used to tow a truck.

Michelle Mortensen from our sister station in Las Vegas wanted to put it to test but needed some help. She turned to Rick Dale of American Restorations for some help.

The first test was to repair a piece of diecast.

Rick says it can’t be fixed. Can the 5 Second Fix work its magic?

Michelle and Rick use the magic glue and shine the light on it for 5 seconds… and it didn’t work.

Rick did say diecast is tough and technically it wasn’t in the infomercial.

But sunglasses were fixed in the commercial. Would the 5 Second Fix work on that?

It the end, no amount of fake and bake would work.

Michelle says they would usually end the tests at this point, but they decided to try the tow cable for fun.

Rick says he can’t believe they actually tried the product on a cable.

Michelle and Rick didn’t even get to start the truck before the product failed again.

If you see a product or service you want us to try out, let us know using out Report It feature on our website and mobile app.

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