Makaha shelter owners plead not guilty to hundreds of counts of animal cruelty

The owners of a Makaha shelter pleaded not guilty Friday to hundreds of counts of animal cruelty.

David “Lanny” Moore and his mother, June Moore, also waived their right to a jury trial, so a judge will take up the case instead.

In October 2016, the Hawaiian Humane Society seized 310 dogs from the Friends for Life shelter after the animals were found in inhumane conditions.

Attorney Paul Cunney says the Moores’ intent was always to do what’s best for the dogs, however “they were overwhelmed.” He says the Moores opted for a judge trial so the case can stay in the Kapolei courthouse.

“At this point, we feel the judge can get a fair shake on the case,” he said. “He’ll understand the law and the facts and so it’s a lot more convenient for them physically to stay here in the Kapolei area when they live in Makaha.”

At the end of March, the Moores agreed to forfeit ownership of the dogs so long as none were euthanized, which allowed more than a hundred dogs to be adopted by families.

The rest are either in foster homes or are still being treated for medical conditions.

“We just want to prevent anything like this from happening again, so like I said, we’re preparing for the trial and just happy that these dogs are getting the care that they need,” said Harold Han, Hawaiian Humane Society.

The Moores’ trial is scheduled to start June 14.

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