Two Kapiolani Blvd. businesses burglarized Sunday morning

Two businesses in the same complex on Kapiolani Boulevard were burglarized Sunday morning. The owners lost some of their hard-earned cash.

But what one of the businesses does have is surveillance video.

The victims said they’ve seen criminal activity increase in their business complex.

So far, there have been three burglaries in the past month at 1400 Kapiolani Boulevard.

One of the victims — the owner of Friend Cafe — caught the break-in on camera.

Just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning, the suspect broke into Friend Cafe.

Surveillance footage shows the suspect walking behind the register, then into the kitchen. The suspect finally ends up in the office where the owner said his safe was taken.

The owner of Friend Cafe did not want to go on camera. But said he was surprised how quickly the suspect was able to break the locks of the security door.

The Blooming Pot next door was also targeted.

“The register was beeping so they broke into the register where I keep the cash for the deposits. That door was open, everything was open, so they went through the whole shop,” said store owner Joann Higa.

Higa said this is a heavy blow because just a few days ago her purse was stolen from her vehicle.

“I left the back and side open so I can put the flowers in and it was like a quick second. Just came inside to grab my arrangement and somebody reached climbed inside the van, went into the front, took my purse,” said Higa.

Both the owners of Friend Cafe and The Blooming Pot said they have seen an increase in criminal activity where they work.

Just three weeks ago, another business was broken into. That case is still ongoing and the owner did not want to go on camera.

“Now I’m paranoid just stepping out of my shop. I’m locking my door, my purse… I’m just so paranoid about my bag,” said Higa.

Higa said she doesn’t know how many suspects were involved and if it was the same suspect who burglarized the two stores.

“At 5:30, 6:00 that’s pretty much daylight already. So pretty brazen,” said Higa’s husband Cedric.

After 13 years of being in business, the victims say nothing like this has ever happened to them until now.

“Certainly be adding a camera, a security system, certainly,” said Cedric Higa.

Police say no arrests have been made at this time. If you have any information about the suspects involved please call police.

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