City to add sand volleyball courts at Ala Moana beach park

If you’ve been to the ewa end of Ala Moana Regional Park lately, you may have noticed some construction.

The area is being turned into two new sand volleyball courts.

Officials say the courts are being built in an underutilized area of the park, on the ewa-makai corner of the 119-acre property near Kamakee Street.

“We chose this end of Ala Moana beach park because it’s underutilized,” said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “How many of you have come down this end to hang out? So many people are down by Magic Island, not as many here, so we thought we’d bring it down here, make better use of this area of the park, and we’ll see how it works.”

The new courts will encompass about 11,000 square feet, which includes a 15-foot safety zone with a rubber curbing perimeter and permanent volleyball nets and poles.

The project also includes removing the pathway leading to Kewalo Harbor, building a walkway connecting to the park’s path system, relocation of existing boulders within the park, removal of nearby trees, and grass restoration upon completion of the project.

The Department of Parks and Recreation will be removing the volleyball net posts currently located on the beach near the site of the new courts.

A $452,660 contract was awarded to Henry’s Equipment. The courts are expected to open to the public this fall.

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