Family searches for owner of wedding band recovered from waters off Maui

Photo: Alisha Moak

UPDATE: The ring’s owner has been found! Dominick Memoli thought his wedding band was gone forever. Then he found our story. View the full update here.

A wedding ring is one of the most valuable items a person can have, so losing it can be heartbreaking.

A visitor from California who recently found a wedding band at the beach is hoping the power of social media will help reunite the ring with its owner.

Alisha Moak was visiting Maui a couple of weeks ago with her two sons. She said the ring was found at a popular beach in Kaanapali, so she put it on Facebook hoping someone will come forward to claim it.

Moak told KHON2 her son was snorkeling near Black Rock when something in the water caught his eye.

“It was right on top of the sand, so he had a feeling it had recently happened. It wasn’t covered in sand or anything,” Moak said.

They soon realized it was a wedding band after bringing it out of the water. The tungsten ring has the initials ALD and DJM with a wedding date of 2014 engraved.

“Immediately, I said oh my gosh, if that was me, that’s such a sentimental thing. We need to see if we can find the owner,” Moak said.

Moak posted pictures of the ring to Facebook and so far the post has gone viral with 321,000 shares and counting from people all over the United States and even Canada.

“It would be amazing to me if we found the owners and with that many shares, you would think that we will find them eventually,” Moak said.

Joe Au-Franz owns All Island Treasure Detectors and says wedding rings are lost at the beach quite often. He averages two to three calls a week from people all across the island who need his help finding their jewelry.

So far he’s recovered 94 rings and reunited them with the owner.

“Women almost cry instantaneously when I pull the ring out of the scoop and show it to them, so that to me makes the hobby that much rewarding,” Au-Franz said.

Moak is optimistic she’ll get the same reaction soon.

“It’s just an amazing thing. Years ago before Facebook, I couldn’t get this out like that,” she said. “I’m very hopeful.”

Moak said the rightful owner will have to provide the correct wedding date in order to claim it.

Click here for a closer look at the ring and to contact Moak on Facebook.

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