Wild pigs invade Kaneohe cemetery

Photo: Adeline Porter

Wild pigs are at it again, causing problems at a cemetery in Kaneohe.

A KHON2 viewer took photos of the animals. The pigs have been eating and knocking over flowers at Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery.

Officials say these pigs have been an occasional challenge because the property is next to a forest.

Cemetery officials did not give us an interview, but told us that pig sightings seem to have spiked recently. They don’t know exactly why, but they’ve gotten reports of people feeding the animals which may be making matters worse.

Adeline Porter, who has family members buried there, said the pigs are a safety concern. She wants something done about this soon, so she called KHON2.

Porter said she started noticing something was wrong when neatly placed flowers were overturned and scattered.

“Parts of the plants were eaten. Parts of the flowers were eaten, and we thought oh, that’s strange,” said Porter.

She snapped a photo of the culprits back in January. Porter brought up the problem with the cemetery manager, who told her they were working on the issue.

“They will try to do something, but it cannot happen overnight. That was in January,” Porter said.

When Porter visited the cemetery last week, she was greeted by a herd.

“My thought is a public safety issue. These are wild animals, hungry wild animals seeking food and with the upcoming Mother’s Day coming up and Memorial Day coming up, folks going to the cemetery, this is dangerous,” she said.

We wanted to know if Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery was going to do anything about the wild pigs. Officials say they’ve contacted Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to manage the problem. The pest company is scheduled to come on May 15.

We also reached out to the Pig Hunters Association of Oahu.

“They are coming down from the mountains right now searching for either food or there’s pressure on the other side, so by having no pressure where they are at now, they’re just going to stay there and hang around,” said Mitchell Tynanes, the group’s president.

If you see wild pigs, stay away from them because they can be dangerous.

“Like any wild animal, if confronted, cornered, or protecting their young, they will be forced to engage whoever is around them. That’s what we don’t want to happen,” said Tynanes.

Tynanes said it’s not uncommon to see plenty of wild pigs on the windward side. There’s a lot of forested areas and the terrain is wet, which is the perfect habitat for wild pigs.

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