State closed Piikoi on-ramp for additional striping work, no permanent decision made

If you’re a frequent user of the Piikoi Street on-ramp to get on the H-1 Freeway eastbound, you may have noticed it’s been closed the past two nights.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation closed the on-ramp for two weeks last month to conduct maintenance work and study the traffic impacts of the ramp’s closure. If the state determines it successfully reduces congestion on the freeway, the on-ramp will be closed permanently.

Viewers contacted KHON2 wondering why closures were in effect once again this week, since they were not previously announced by the state.

We heard back from a spokesman Tuesday, who said HDOT had been re-striping lines on the freeway and had to return to that area to finish. We were later told that the person who would have notified the public affairs office was out sick.

As for the traffic study results, the state said, “We are compiling all the data from the two-week study period and will take a thorough and thoughtful approach with the analysis. There is no timeline for decision making.”

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