Ask HPD: Pedestrians in crosswalks

When a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, do drivers have to wait until that person gets completely to the other side before continuing on?

Pedestrians and motorists share the same responsibility when it comes to road safety. Drivers should always use caution when approaching a crosswalk. Drivers should stop for pedestrians crossing on the half of the roadway closest to them until the pedestrian has completely passed. If the pedestrian is coming from the opposite half of the roadway, a driver may proceed as long as it does not pose a danger to the pedestrian. The safest thing to do as a driver is to stop and wait for a pedestrian to cross a roadway completely. Drivers who violate this law can be required to appear in court.

What can pedestrians do in these situations?

Pedestrians also have the responsibility to obey all traffic signals when crossing a roadway. Cross the street only when the white “Walk” sign is indicated and pay attention to motorists by making eye contact with them before crossing. Don’t start crossing when the red “Don’t Walk” or upraised hand is flashing. Pedestrians who break the law can face a fine of $130.

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