Popular Waialae Ave. eatery voluntarily shuts down due to roach infestation

A popular food spot on Waialae Avenue voluntarily shut down because of a roach infestation.

The state Department of Health reported seeing more than 200 live roaches at St. Louis Drive-in, which is now undergoing a clean-up.

The department’s inspection report, which was issued yesterday, says the business has been closed since Tuesday.

A follow up report shows that a pest control company treated the business on May 10, and baiting was scheduled for today.

This is what we learned from the inspection report:

  • There were live roach nests on a board located between the stove and two small refrigerators.
  • Live nests were removed, but there was still significant live roach activity.
  • Observations of live roaches crawling on pots, pans, paper goods, cutting boards, utensils, and [knives].

A recommendation was made to the manager to remain closed until improvements on decreasing roach activity on food contact surfaces.

The sanitation branch received an anonymous complaint, and when they went to the restaurant they also found rat droppings.

The owners told KHON2 they were cleaning, but did not want to make any further comment.

The health department website shows that a green placard remains posted due to the voluntary closure.

KHON2 reached out to the health department to find out when the follow up inspection would be and we will let you know when we hear back.

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