HCDA to hold meeting to discuss with public proposed changes to Kakaako reserved housing rules

Aerial view of Kakaako

With development in Kakaako being a hot topic, the Hawaii Community Development Authority will hold a public meeting on Wednesday to help get the word out of future plans.

There has already been so much change in the Kakaako area, with a large number of new condominium complexes popping up, and several more slated over the coming years.

According to HCDA’s agenda on the meeting, the development says the intent on Wednesday is about proposed amendments to the Kakaako reserved housing rules to promote the development of additional reserved housing units, while preserving the existing inventory of current reserved housing units in the district.

The proposed amendments will:

  • expand the sources of reserved housing units
  • encourage further development of for-sale and rental reserved, housing units
  • preserve existing reserved housing inventory
  • ensure consistency with affordable housing rules administered by other state and city agencies
  • clarify specific existing provisions and terms in the current Kakaako reserved housing rules

Additionally, the proposed amendments will establish buyback and equity sharing options for workforce housing units.

The meeting is being held at 9 a.m. at 547 Queen Street, on the second floor.

Public testimony will be accepted, with final decision making scheduled to take place at the end of this month, at a meeting set for May 31.

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