Celebrity chef Michael Mina calls ‘The Street’ a ‘culinary Disneyland’

A unique dining experience is opening in Waikiki.

The Street by celebrity chef Michael Mina is set to officially open Friday at the International Market Place.

It will offer a collection of culinary experience, featuring a variety of dining options. It has three bars, 10 food concepts, a coffee shop, and a wellness bar.

“It’s a restaurant that’s like a social house, where you can come, and you have really great, casual culinary Disneyland is what I call it,” said Mina. “It was just about getting the right group of chefs together and creating something that’s affordable, where you’re still getting to eat food that’s at the level where you would go to at a high-end restaurant — great products, great cooking techniques, but in a much more relaxed and social environment.”

Mina says each month, The Street will host The Street Party where for $37 you can have seven different items — five dishes and two cocktails — from various vendors.

“It’s like going to the best food and wine event, where you get to walk around, you get to go through and taste different food, different cuisines,” he said. “Every time you come here and you do The Street Party, it’ll be a different experience.”

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