Elevator malfunction in state building sends woman to hospital

A woman was sent to the hospital after an elevator inside a state building malfunctioned.

We learned about the accident from a viewer who used the Report It feature on our website.

Emergency responders say a 25-year-old woman got stuck in an elevator at the Kalanimoku Building on Punchbowl Street.

The elevator dropped about three feet, and the woman inside was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

We tried to find the official report of the accident, as well as learn more about elevator maintenance in the state building, so we tried speaking to authorities, but got the runaround.

We wanted to find out what exactly happened that sent a woman to the hospital, so we started at the Kalanimoku Building.

We called the elevator company, Kone, to find out what caused the elevator to malfunction, but have not yet heard back.

The Kalanimoku Building is a base for several state departments, including the departments of Land and Natural Resources, and Accounting and General Services.

There are four elevators in the building, and all elevators require operating permits.

There was a sign inside each elevator that said we could find the permit in room B-54, but an employee said she did not have the permit on file and had to check with the office in Mapunapuna.

We drove to the Mapunapuna office to get a copy of the permit, and were told someone would get back to us.

Later in the day, we received a phone call from someone at the state who said to call the comptroller’s office to see the permit.

So we did, and asked if we could receive a copy by the end of the day. A spokesman said likely not, and that it wasn’t a priority on his list.

We’re told all government accidents must be reported to the Department of Labor.

Emergency Medical Services says the accident happened last Wednesday, May 10, at around 1:30 p.m.

But when we called the labor department, we learned the accident was only reported to them on Thursday, May 18.

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