Navy News: Shipyard’s role “Fit to Fight”

In the spring of 1942, only a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, USS Yorktown was one of the few aircraft carriers in the U.S. Navy.  She had been badly damaged at the Battle of Coral Sea and entered Dry Dock #1 at the shipyard on May 27 for repairs.  Initial estimates were that these repairs would take three months.  Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Nimitz had learned of Japanese plans to attack Midway.  He told the shipyard that he needed Yorktown back with the fleet in three days.  Shipyard worked round the clock and delivered the ship in two days Yorktown made the difference at the Battle of Midway.  This is a great example of how history is a living legacy for the shipyard workers. They carry on the mission of “KEEPING THEM FIT TO FIGHT” to today.  Shipyard workers from the most junior to most senior are committed to this.
Today, Gregory “Kaipo” Crowell, Nuclear Engineering and Planning Manager and Matangi Toilolo, heavy mobile equipment electrician, joined us this morning to talk about being a part of the legacy.

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