Residents take action after home invasion robbery

From left to right: suspect 1, suspect 2, suspect 3

Honolulu police are still searching for three men wanted for an armed robbery while claiming to be police officers.

CrimeStoppers has now issued an alert for the robbery last week.

KHON2 spoke with the head of the police union and went back to the Makiki condo today to see what’s being done now.

In the surveillance video released by authorities, the first suspect notices the camera and then adjusts his hat, while the third suspects takes off his jacket.

“The culprits are pretty brazen, they look right into the camera no mask or anything,” a resident of the condo said.

A resident who serves on the building’s board asked KHON2 not to identify her to protect her safety.

The board has started taking precautions after the robbery such as hiring a consultant to ways to improve their safety.

“We have alerted our residents. We don’t want to [just] react. We will be hiring a security consultant to further tighten up our security,” the resident said.

The armed robbery happened at a Kamamalu Avenue apartment complex early Wednesday morning. Throughout the building there are signs letting people know that cameras are recording 24-hours a day.

The suspects were caught on camera with baseball caps and shirts with the “SHOPO” on them, that’s the police union.

From left to right: suspect 1, suspect 2, suspect 3

One of them suspects was wearing a shirt that said “HPD Police” on the back.

Officers say when the residents opened the door, they were bound with duct tape and the suspects had a gun.

Can an officer give citations or pull people over when wearing a SHOPO shirt?

“The SHOPO shirt is not police gear or official police wear. That’s just a novelty shirt for those who want to support our SHOPO and our police officers for all four counties,” Tenari Maafala, SHOPO president, explains.

Signs have been posted throughout the complex warning residents of what happened. The resident KHON2 spoke with says she would like to see board members have more access to information about who is moving into the building.

“It is very difficult for boards to enforce rules and maintain safety because we don’t know when there are new people are moving in unless we really get on the owner’s case,” the resident said.

“Anytime they are in doubt, they have every right to lock their doors, call 911, and have them send uniformed officers to their house,” Maafala said.

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