Kalihi Valley parking permit pilot considered a success, may expand

A street parking pilot project is expanding, and about to become permanent if the city approves it.

Residents in a small part of Kalihi Valley say the new program requiring permits to park on the street has been a rousing success.

The pilot project last month was on three streets in the Wilson Tract area of Kalihi Valley.

From the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., anyone parked on the street was required to have a permit or risk a citation.

Now that the pilot program is over, residents want to make it permanent, which could happen as early as June 1.

Now another area nearby is hoping the program makes its way to their neighborhood.

Cars bumper to bumper, little to no available room to park on the street. This was once the norm in the Wilson Tract area, but during the pilot program, things changed drastically.

“Positive. It’s as you saw. The neighborhood is revitalized, everyone is embracing this program. At first, everyone was timid as with most new government initiatives. But this initiative came from the neighborhood and it’s been really successful since the first day,” Kalihi Valley resident Chris Wong said.

Because the program hasn’t been made permanent just yet, cones are back on the street to reserve spaces. But residents are optimistic that will change on June 1.

“In government, sometimes we tend to be lax and there is a lot of restriction and regulation. But this is such a good program and it’s bringing immediate solution for long-term problem that we shouldn’t wait anymore,” Wong said.

Just up the Likelike, there’s another neighborhood feeling the stress of limited street parking. Residents of Kula Kolea tell KHON2 they hope the permit program makes its way to their neighborhood soon.

“Street parking is pretty tight, especially in the afternoons. You got a lot of people doing street parking. A lot homes that have more than enough cars. It kind of gets overwhelming out here,” Randy Robago who lives on Kula Kolea Street said.

According to Wong, the trial phase could start as soon as July for the Kula Kolea neighborhood. At the same time, permanent signage could possibly be going up in the Wilson Tract.

“Sooner rather than later, and the residents next in line. We are aiming for a July 1 implementation for their phase one while we can currently run phase 2 here,” Wong said.

KHON2 reached out to the city to see if any other neighborhoods are under consideration for the pilot program, we’ll let you know when we hear back.

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