Community demands answers after rash of brush fires in Hawaii Kai

Courtesy Paul Gill

Brush fires in Hawaii Kai have been a common occurrence with 13 fires in the last five months.

After last night’s fire, one deemed suspicious by the Honolulu Fire Department, Hawaii Kai representative Gene Ward says something needs to be done. “It’s a huge number and that means it’s not coincidental. It’s January. It’s the wet season all the way to the end of April. So you can’t say, well it’s the dry season. dry season has just begun.”

Ward says he’ll be holding a community meeting on June 6, to discuss the fires and also the recent vandalism of canoes at Maunalua Bay. “Who would want to cut the rigging on a canoe for these young kids to go out. Who would want to start a fire in our beautiful mountains and what’s frustrating is we don’t know who it is but we suspect something is going on. You don’t have, for example 12 fires in how ever many weeks, we don’t have three riggings cut in three days it’s really really unusual.”

Natalie Iwasa, a Hawaii Kai resident says she and others have been keeping track of the fires, and can’t understand why someone would intentionally endanger homes and businesses. “There is a big concern out there because they seem to be set right around the same time of day and so far we haven’t really been able to identify who’s been doing this.

So far the cause for these fires hasn’t been determined, and police are still looking for whoever vandalized the canoes last week.

If you saw anything, call police or HFD.

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