UH Cancer Center seeks participants in study to reduce abdominal fat

Photo: University of Hawaii Cancer Center

If you’re interested in losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle, the University of Hawaii Cancer Center wants to hear from you.

The center is conducting an ongoing study to see if specific changes in dietary habits, along with daily exercise, can reduce the amount of fat inside the abdomen.

Participants must be of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean ancestry, between the ages of 35 and 55, are slightly or more than slightly overweight, and have not smoked in the past two years.

“Japanese, Chinese and Korean men and women tend to have high abdominal fat amounts, and this type of fat is more dangerous than others in terms of certain diseases and cancers,” said Dr. Loïc Le Marchand, study lead and a professor in the UH Cancer Center’s Epidemiology Program. “There have been major changes in the amount of fat in the abdomen in participants we have observed so far.”

The study is recruiting participants through the end of the month. Eligible participants are randomized to one of two diets, and are given access to a dietician. The dieticians provide nutrition counseling through phone calls and emails.

Researchers have also created a phone app to aid in the study. The app takes images of food participants eat, and those photos allow researchers to estimate the amount of energy consumed, and monitor if the participants are following the prescribed diet.

Click here to view an informational flier.

For more information, call (808) 237-3901 or email lifestyle@cc.hawaii.edu.

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