Hawaii’s Farm to School Program encourages local delicious products in their meals

Farm to school programs across the nation are giving students a better understanding of the food system and where their food comes from. Hawaii has its own program in place and is fulfilling its mission and a lot more.

This morning on Wake Up 2Day, Dexter Kishida, Department of Education School Food Services Supervisor and chef, Greg Christian joined us in studio to talk about the program.

In 2015, Lt. Governor Shan Tsutsui was appointed to spearhead the project, in collaboration with the DOE, Department of Agriculture and The Kohala Center and partners in the private sector.  Last year, the pilot project was launched at the Kohala Complex cafeteria on the Hawaii Island.  The goal of the project is to improve student health and encourage healthy eating through school breakfast, lunch, and snack programs in Hawaii by increasing local ingredients through local farming and agriculture.

This pilot project is transformational in the way we serve school meals, and the change in menu is just one component of it. Project leaders envision a very slow rollout and want to make sure to work out all challenges.  Kishida says he hopes by 2019, schools across the state will see a local product in their meals.

Some dishes that a number of classes have taste tested include a new pizza recipe, pork adobo with ulu/garlic crisp, chicken adobo sliders with green papaya, and more.

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