City reaches goal of 38,000 lei for Memorial Day ceremony

The city has reached its goal of collecting roughly 38,000 lei that will be placed on grave sites at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl.

Mahalo to all who donated!

The Boy Scouts of Hawaii placed the lei at the cemetery Sunday afternoon, and they will remain through a special, collaborative Memorial Day Ceremony Monday morning.

Lei had to be made of fresh flowers and measure 20-24 inches before tying.

“When you look at a regular lei, it’s half the size, so you can get two lei out of one when you really think about it,” said Jeanne Ishikawa, deputy director for the Dept. of Parks and Recreation. “So we really appreciate if everyone can take a few minutes to sew a lei or donate a lei for Memorial Day so we can ensure that all 38,000 grave sites will have a lei and an American flag.”

There will be numerous other events leading up to and on Memorial Day. Click here for more information.

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