Court documents reveal victim’s son found mother stabbed in bedroom

Meriam Carcamo (Photo provided by Mark Rizan)

Court records say a Makiki man charged with murdering his wife admitted to stabbing her when police officers arrested him.

Marcelo Carcamo-Lopez, 41, appeared in court Friday and pleaded not guilty to the murder of Meriam Carcamo, 42.

Court records reveal that Carcamo’s 16-year-old son was home when it happened on Tuesday night, May 23, in an apartment building on Young Street.

Documents say he was asleep in the living room while the couple argued in their bedroom. He told police he heard a pounding noise, slapping, and someone crying.

According to court documents, Carcamo-Lopez then came out of the bedroom carrying a knife, washed his hands, and then left the apartment with the bedroom door locked.

Records claim the teen broke the door open and saw his mother stabbed in the stomach. He called 911 and tried to revive her using CPR.

Domestic violence experts say he has a long road to recovery, and the community needs to put more effort in helping the children of victims.

Experts say just witnessing domestic violence is traumatic enough, and with a death involved, the road to recovery will be extremely difficult.

“The torment that this young man is currently experiencing and will carry for the rest of his life is indescribably, it’s unimaginable to most of us, and it’s always been our feeling at the Domestic Violence Action Center that the community can do a better job helping children who are either witnesses or survivors of domestic violence,” said Nanci Kreidman with the Domestic Violence Action Center. “What is it that would be most supportive and most healing for the trauma they experience and that’s what I think we have an obligation to do with him.”

According to court documents, Carcamo-Lopez returned to the building later that night, where he was arrested. He allegedly told an officer, “she punch my face so I stab her,” and as paramedics brought her out of the apartment, he asked, “Is she dead?”

Carcamo-Lopez remains in custody unable to post $1 million bail.

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