Glass-bottom pool designed to take swimmers to new heights

A new water feature is attracting attention in Ward Village.

Anaha, a new residential tower at the intersection of Auahi and Kamakee streets, is getting a pool that extends 15 feet off the edge of the building.

Once complete, swimmers will be able to see through its glass bottom to the street 75 feet below.

“There is some really strong glass up there. It’s going to create just this great visual effect, the ability to be up there and stand in the pool and be able to look straight down and see down to the ground,” said Todd Apo, vice president of community development for Howard Hughes Corp. “As we develop Ward Village and this community, it’s not just about the retail and entertainment and condos, but finding these fun architectural elements that is going to make this community so special.”

Apo says the pool, like many features of the building itself, was inspired by the name, Anaha, which means reflection of light.

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