Keiki Talk: Stages of Parenthood

Being a parent is one of life’s biggest joys but it can also be a complex experience that actually changes and develops over time — even before we become parents. This morning on Keiki Talk, Dr. Allana Coffee spoke about the different stages of parenthood.

Coffee says there are six stages parenthood:


1 – The Image-Making Stage: Dreaming and preparing

2 – The Nurturing Stage: Infancy, nursing and cradling

3 – The Authority Stage: Toddlers. The terrible twos put the dreaming to the test. Discipline commences often revealing differing parenting styles

4 – The Interpretive Stage: Tweens, industry and socialization

5 – The Interdependent Stage: Teens. Back to the terrible twos

6 – The Departure Stage: Empty nesting

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