Ocean Safety rescues eleven people in two Oahu incidents


Ocean Safety lifeguards rescued eleven people in two incidents on Oahu.

At around 4:00 p.m., lifeguards rescued five military service members and a sixth man at Spitting Caves.

A 19-year old male jumped off the cliff and got into trouble quickly. His four companions jumped in after him along with a sixth man.

Lifeguards on rescue watercraft rescued all six men, and brought them all safely to shore at the Maunalua Bay.

Ocean Safety says surf was averaging 10 foot faces at times on the east shore of Oahu.

Then at 4:30 p.m., lifeguards rescued five people off of Pokai Bay.

A boy was swept out by the tide pools off Glenmonger St. and four adults went out to rescue the boy. All five people were rescued by lifeguards on rescue watercrafts. EMS reported no serious injuries.

With summer fast approaching, safety personnel across the state have been preparing for a large influx of locals and visitors at the beach.

Lifeguards say beaches everywhere are busy year-round, but in the summer, there are some shorelines where lifeguards see more activity, especially on long weekends like Memorial Day.

Ocean Safety is strongly urging caution during the high surf times.

Officials gave a few pointers for the public to stay safe:

  • Keep a close watch on small children in the shorelines.
  • Watch for wet rocks as it’s an indicator that surf is breaking on the ledges.
  • Swim at lifeguarded beaches and carry a cellphone of you go kayaking, boating, etc.

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