Beware scams posing as fundraising campaigns for Manchester victims

One week ago, the world was shaken by a bombing in Manchester, England that killed 22, including children, and left more than 50 injured, many of them critically.

An outpouring of grief followed with many people wanting to help.

As bad as it sounds, that also attracts would-be scammers.

Many want to help, and while you may be looking to support victims, others may be looking for their next victim.

“You definitely want to be cautious and suspicious if a link winds up on your social feed,” said Greg Dunn, Better Business Bureau Hawaii CEO. “It may say ‘sponsored for a particular Go Fund Me page,’ because that means that someone has paid to have that ad show up in your feed to lure you into that particular Go Fund Me account.”

For scammers out there, it’s all about the timing.

“It’s in the news. People are hearing about it. People are touched by the story. It’s a real tragedy that has touched lives on a rather large scale,” Dunn explained.

So what can you do to avoid any sort of scam? The Better Business Bureau offers up this advice:

“Make sure that you do your research and give your money through a verified charity,” Dunn said. “You want to make sure that you are researching online, and look at, where we have information on various charities that work internationally, that you can donate to and make sure your money is used appropriately.”

If you have a consumer concern or are interested in becoming an Action Line volunteer, give us a call at 591-0222 weekdays between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or send an email to

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