The most misspelled word in Hawaii is…

Credit: Google Trends via Twitter

When is the last time you used a dictionary? You know, one of those books you can find in a library or bookstore?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a long time since the internet and Google.

Google tracks a lot of data, including everything people type into the search box.

For a few years, Google Trends has been releasing a list of America’s Most Misspelled Words based on the search term “how to spell” by state.

Some are funny. Wisconsin can’t spell Wisconsin?

Others are troubling.

This year, according to Google, the word people in Hawaii most searched for to spell was… “people.”

Not that it’s a competition, but seven states have words with less than five letters.

  • Oregon – Sense
  • Idaho – Quote
  • Mississippi- Nanny
  • Tennessee – Chaos
  • Georgia – Gray
  • North Carolina – Angel
  • Rhode Island – Liar

And two states, Connecticut and West Virginia, had the same extremely long word on the list… supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

The list was released in honor of Scripps National Spelling Bee that starts tomorrow, May 31.

Below is the infographic from 2016. In that year, Hawaii’s most misspelled word was boutineer. To be fair, Merriam-Webster spells it boutonniere.

Credit: Google Trends via Twitter

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