Hall of Famer Trigg goes in-depth on Holloway’s championship mindset for UFC 212

Max Holloway and Frank Trigg

On February 4th, 2012 Max Holloway made his UFC debut at age 20. At the time he was the youngest fighter on the organization’s roster.

1,946 days later with a 14-3 record inside of the Octagon and a 10-fight winning streak, Holloway is finally getting his undisputed title shot at UFC 212 against Jose Aldo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

KHON2 MMA analyst and UFC Hall of Famer Frank Trigg opines that the 25-year-old’s rise is a result of a constant mindset pushing the envelope beyond his years.

“Most kids who are 25 think they know it all.” Trigg said.

“They think ‘I’ve already done this. I’ve won my last 10 fights, I totally understand what I’m talking about and what I’m doing’. It’s not that case at all with Max. Max is like ‘You tell me to do 25 push-up’s, I’m doing 26 push-up’s. You tell me to be here at 10 am I’m gonna be here at 9:45’.”

Trigg has witnessed Holloway’s ambition first hand training with Holloway at Tactical Strength and Conditioning.

“With that age group traditionally you see them walk in late, doing just enough to get by in practice.” Trigg added.

“Max goes above and beyond in every single one. So now he’s mentally tough, physically strong amazingly good as an athlete and still developing getting better.”

UFC 212’s main card will begin with Makaha’s Yancy Medeiros taking on Erik Silva at 4:00 pm HST. Holloway and Aldo will battle to unify the featherweight championship in the main event.

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