Thieves go to great lengths to steal restroom trailer in Kapolei

Photo: Brandon Askew

Thieves made off with an expensive trailer that’s been used at popular events across the island, and now the owners need your help to get it back.

The trailer was stolen from a lot in Kapolei on May 22. It’s owned by Street Grindz, the company behind community events like Eat the Street and Honolulu Night Market.

The trailer is expensive, and furnished with air-conditioned bathrooms.

“It’s gray. It has 10 stalls for men and women, and it’s air conditioned. It looks really nice inside. It’s something that we were complimented on often,” said CEO Poni Askew.

Askew says the trailer is worth $55,000, and was stored at the lot for future events.

“The bathroom trailer was actually sandwiched on all sides. We have two 40-foot containers that were on one end and another 40-foot container that was on the other end,” Askew said. “There were also two food trucks blocking it in, and we did that purposefully because the most valuable thing to us was the bathroom.”

The crime was caught on surveillance video, and whoever did it used a semi-truck to pull it off.

Although Askew hasn’t seen the video herself, she was told that the suspects were caught on camera.

“They had pulled a semi-truck up, actually moved the 40-foot container out of the way, and hooked up the bathroom trailer,” Askew said.

Along with the trailer, thieves also got away with a golf cart and other property.

“They went in and stole probably another $10,000 worth of electrical equipment, lighting, seating,” Askew said. “It’s pretty disheartening, and it’s hard for a small business like us to recoup from a loss like that.”

Street Grindz filed a police report and posted on social media looking for leads. Without the trailer, the company will have to go back to renting portable toilets.

“We just want the bathroom back,” Askew said. “If you want to put it back the same way you took it and magically reappear, I’m cool with it. We want to be able to service our community the way we like to.”

Honolulu police are investigating the crime as second-degree burglary and first-degree theft, but no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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