Man searches for pendant with infant son’s ashes

UPDATE: The pendant was found in the sand at Pokai Bay.

For Cameron Pacheco, the pain of losing his 3-month-old son is still fresh.

Kadon passed away on June 11, 2016. When he died, Pacheco had a necklace made, a cross pendant filled with his ashes.

Last week, that necklace was lost at Pokai Bay.

Pacheco says he normally never takes the necklace off outside of his home, and he hasn’t given up hope that the pendant will be found.

“He means so much and until today, it’s still hard, and to lose something like this almost exactly a year later, it’s pretty heartbreaking right now,” Pacheco said. “It’s almost like we’re reliving it all over again. We’ve never been through anything like this. Losing a son, and for anybody who knows of losing a son, knows how important that any memory of him, but this especially really is tough, because it was a part of him that we can always keep with us wherever we go.”

Pacheco says he took the necklace off to go swimming, and left it hanging from his beach chair. He didn’t remember to put it back on.

When he got home and realized it wasn’t around his neck, his family rushed back to the beach.

“We went to the beach as soon as I found out. We jumped in the car and went down to the beach with a few families, a few of our nieces and cousins, my sister, and we’ve been hunting for it the whole entire time,” Pacheco said. “We’re there. We talk to people around there. My wife posted on Instagram and Facebook.”

Dozens of people came forward to help with the search, with hundreds more sharing his story.

Unfortunately, the necklace still hasn’t been found.

“I guess the story alone shows that there’s a lot of good people out there,” Pacheco said. “I just hope that whoever is in possession of that, that’s all I want is I want it back. I don’t care about the necklace part, just the pendant. That just means so much to me and I really, really would like it back.”

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