Geeks & Gadgets: Baby & Pet Tech

Technology just made life a little easier for Mom and Dad. It’s all about “smart” gadgets for babies and pets in today’s “Geeks and Gadgets”.


Arlo Baby

The all-in-one smart baby monitoring camera with 1080p HD video, lullaby player, night light, rechargeable battery and air sensors.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor with 2.8″ Screen – $149.99

Give yourself peace of mind with this Motorola Wi-Fi baby monitor. It has room temperature display to let you know if baby’s room is hot or cold, and it has five lullabies to keep your infant happy. The Motorola Wi-Fi baby monitor is wireless for ease of use around the house.

Project Nursery Wi-Fi 720p Video Baby Monitor – $119.99

Watch over your infant with this Wi-Fi enabled Project Nursery baby monitor. The HD 720P camera uses infrared night vision to capture clear images in any lighting condition, and it tilts, pans and zooms as needed. This Project Nursery baby monitor sends push notifications based sound or temperature, and it plays lullabies, nature sounds or white noise for a restful sleep.

Summer Infant Babble Band Audio Baby Monitor – $49.99

Keep tabs on your baby with this 800-foot-range Summer Infant Babble Band wearable audio monitor. Its soft wristband is adjustable for maximum comfort, and it has three monitoring modes for greater customization. Enjoy up to eight hours of use with the rechargeable battery of this Summer Infant Babble Band wearable audio monitor.

Snuza Pico Sleep Tracker – $149.99

Guard your sleeping infant with the Snuza Pico wearable baby monitor. It sends information on baby’s abdominal movement, temperature and sleep position to your smartphone, making it easy to monitor your child. The Snuza Pico wearable baby monitor rings a sharp, audible alarm when no abdominal movement is detected for 20 seconds.


Hatch Baby Rest Smart Night Light and Sound Machine with OK-to-Wake – $59.99

Sleep soundly with this sophisticated Hatch Baby Rest Smart night light and sound machine. Create a healthy routine for your toddler with this clever programmable device, which incorporates a reassuring night light and a soothing sound machine. Control the Hatch Baby Rest Smart night light and sound machine with your smartphone via the Hatch Baby app.

Project Nursery Smart Sight and Sound Projector – $49.99

Calm your baby with this Project Nursery smart sight and sound projector. Three projectors cast stimulating images on the ceiling or wall to fascinate your infant, and a 90-degree tilt lets you aim images where a child can see them. Stream favorite lullabies via Bluetooth to this Project Nursery smart sight and sound projector, or use its prerecorded sounds.


BanZ Mini earBanZ Hearing Protection for Infants – $29.99

Protect your infant’s hearing with these Baby Banz infant earmuffs. Safe for newborns and children up to 24 months old, these earmuffs allow ambient noises to pass through while reducing dangerous volume levels. These Baby Banz infant earmuffs are lightweight, soft and cushioned for comfortable, and they have a sleek, no-snags design.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer – $39.99

Take care of yourself or your family with this Kinsa smart ear thermometer, which takes 1-second temperature readings to minimize discomfort. The downloadable Kinsa app lets you sync information and receive medical guidance and recommended next steps.

VivaLnk Fever Scout – $69.99

Monitor your child’s temperature with this Fever Scout thermometer. Its soft texture makes it comfortable to wear, and it sends alerts to your smart device so you stay informed if the temperature rises. This Fever Scout thermometer stores temperature information over time, so you know when a child’s health is improving.



Petnet – SmartFeeder Pet Feeder -$129.99

Take care of your pet when you’re away from home with this Petnet SmartFeeder SF10C pet feeder, which features compatible with Apple iOs7.1 or greater, Android 4.4 KitKat or greater to help you set feeding schedules and portion sizes.


Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor -$79.99

Keep your pet safe with this Whistle 3 pet tracker. Its GPS alerts let you know when your pet moves beyond a designated area; notifications are sent via email, app or text, so there’s no delay in finding your pet. Make sure your pet stays healthy by monitoring its exercise level with this Whistle 3 pet tracker.


Petcube – Play Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera-$179.99

Communicate with your pet from anywhere with this Petcube Play. A two-way audio system lets you talk and listen to your beloved buddy, and the 1080p HD live video makes it easy to keep an eye on him when you aren’t home. Featuring a pet-friendly laser pointer, this Petcube Play keeps your pet active when he’s in need of exercise.

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