More first responders using drug to reverse overdoses

For someone suffering a drug overdose the difference between life and death can many times be measured in seconds, which is why doctors say having access to medication that counteracts the effect of an overdose is so important.

According to Dr. James Ireland, airport firefighters are already carrying the drug Narcan, which can be used to counteract the effects of an overdose, now, police are also looking into the need for the drug.

Somewhere the drug has been used before? K9 units, specifically for dogs that might come in contact with a controlled substance that can cause them to overdose even in small quantities.

A spokeswoman with the Honolulu Police Department says it currently has about a dozen K9s on patrol.

As for the use of Narcan, it’s being looked into but no decisions have been made. The Kauai Police Department in the process of acquiring the medication for some officers to have on hand, but no word on if it will be used in K9 units.

But according to Dr. Ireland, dog or human, the medicine can save lives. “Anybody who will come across someone who has overdosed including the friends and family of people who use or abuse narcotics and definitely for first responders it will save lives there’s no dare doubt about that.”

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