HPD: Thieves got away with millions of dollars in property crimes last year

There is no shortage of property crime on Oahu, but have you ever wondered just how much of your belongings go to thieves?

The Honolulu Police Department’s annual report lays it all out, and suffice it to say, criminals are getting away with a lot of your goods and money.

The report shows thieves kept busy last year. There were 30,592 cases of property crime on Oahu in 2016.

The biggest target came from vehicles, and the haul was huge with the total value of vehicles stolen locally amounting to $24,052,937.

A small silver lining is that more than half of that value, $16,383,680 was recovered.

The next most popular item on the list: jewelry and precious metals.

The total value of items stolen in that category added up to $8,447,079. Unfortunately when it came to these items, the chances of the owner getting his or her goods back was slim with $198,513 worth recovered.

The next most popular item on the list was actual money. Thieves made off with $4,469,839 in currency and bank notes. Again, the recover rate slim with just $57,021 getting returned back to the rightful owner.

Other popular items targeted by thieves: $3,762,393 in clothing and furs, $1,827,805 in electronics, and $1,225,709 in household goods.

Remember the story about the stolen goat a few weeks back? Luckily, in that case, the animal made it back to its owner, but the total value of livestock stolen on Oahu last year amounted to $9,955.

In total, $60,341,783 worth of your property and money was stolen in 2016 with just under a third of it, $19,086,205, worth recovered.

Click here to view the full report.

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