Relatives, off-duty officer thwart home invasion by suspects posing as police officers

Honolulu police are investigating an attempted home invasion where the suspects pretended to be police officers.

It happened at a home in Kaneohe Tuesday night.

We’re told the suspects barged into the home and hurt a 62-year-old woman, but her relatives and an off-duty officer came to the rescue and caught one of them.

Dorsey Roberts and his wife found three men standing in front of his aunt’s home.

“I yelled at them in my loudest voice that don’t move or I’m going to beat you to death,” he said. “I saw the guy start to run from the front door, but at that time, my neighbor who is a police officer, he was off duty, arrived right then and he started chasing the guy.”

Together, Roberts and the officer took down the suspect.

“That’s when I grabbed him by his dreadlocks and arms and slammed him down and I just sat down on his back,” Roberts said.

Roberts’ wife, who did not want to be on camera, tells us the other suspects got in a car, so she threw a large glass bowl at them.

“I put my bowl up like this and smashed it as hard as I could against the side of the car, and one of their tail lights was sitting on the lawn,” she said.

Both Roberts and his wife were in the Marine Corps and trained to defend themselves. At the time, they didn’t know the suspects were armed, but weapons were found by the home.

“One of my aunties tripped over the assault rifle. It was a rifle, a .22, and there was a big hunting knife, and she said they also had a bat,” said Roberts’ wife. “I didn’t see the bat. I just saw the rifle and the hunting knife.”

She said the men were banging on her aunt’s door, claiming they were HPD.

“She is very trusting, just like anybody else would be, you know trying to help out the police officers,” she said. “She opened the door and that’s when they muscled their way into the house.”

Roberts notes that the neighborhood security watch and quick response by real police officers were instrumental.

This isn’t the first time criminals have posed as police officers, so how can you tell when real police officers are at your door?

According to SHOPO, the police officers union, a good rule of thumb is to never open the door when in doubt. Call 911 and an operator can confirm it on the spot.

Always check if the officers are in proper uniform, not just a T-shirt with police logo on it.

Roberts also suggests forming a neighborhood security watch if your area doesn’t have one already.

To learn how to do that, click here.

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