Try It Before You Buy It: MyPillow

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Las Vegas (KLAS) — By now you’ve likely seen an ad for MyPillow, which claims to give you the best night’s sleep ever.

The company guarantees it is the most comfortable pillow you will ever own.

I’ll admit, I’ve tried a lot of pillows — from IKEA, Costco, and one I am so embarrassed of I won’t take the cover off.

But MyPillow says it will beat them all. In even has a seal from the National Sleep Foundation. That means it must be pretty special, right?

To test it out, I climb into bed and sleep on the pillow, keeping a diary of my thoughts each morning.

I went from being kind of indifferent to complimentary to disliking it, and back to liking it again.

After five long months and a short breakup with MyPillow while I tried another brand, I became a fan.

So what’s to love? It creates a space for your neck, so there’s no neck pain.

In the midst of this test,a MyPillow scandal of sorts broke. The company was slapped with a million-dollar fine because some of things in their commercials couldn’t be backed up scientifically.

Still, I was having the best night’s sleep ever, so for me, it’s a deal and the commercials really were telling the truth.

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