Honolulu joins ‘Resilient’ initiative to tackle economic, social, physical challenges

Honolulu has joined 99 other cities around the world to become more resilient to the economic, social, and physical challenges in our world today.

The 100 Resilient Cities initiative is pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, which funds a chief resilience officer who can lead city’s efforts to respond to a variety of situations — from shocks such as fires, earthquakes, and floods to ongoing stresses such as food and water shortages, overtaxed transportation, and high unemployment.

Here in Honolulu, challenges include homelessness, affordable housing, rail, and the visitor industry.

“As long as the City and County of Honolulu continues to step up, we will continue to step up with them for at least the next decade, because we recognize this work cannot be done over night and we recognize that this work cannot be done alone,” said 100 Resilient Cities regional director Otis Rolley.

“Learning from this amazing network of other cities around the globe that are facing similar issues to ours, and we hope to bring the things that we’re doing really well at to those cities to help hopefully share some ideas, and then learn from other cities and counties that are doing things really well in their areas, how we can learn, grow, survive, adapt, and grow in the face of change,” said Joshua Stanbro, Honolulu’s chief resilience officer.

The foundation also provides support programs and services to achieve a city’s initiatives.

A day-long workshop was held among city and community leaders to identify Honolulu’s priorities and develop a comprehensive “resilience strategy.”

Click here for more information about 100 Resilient Cities.

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