No criminal charges filed against airport police officer for dog’s death

The state attorney general will not pursue criminal charges against a Securitas officer for the shooting death of a dog at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.

On March 28, Leisha Ramos brought over her 2-year-old pit bull mix as part of a family move from Hawaii island to Oahu.

She says her boyfriend was loading their car with luggage and had Kaiele tied to a tree when the officer approached them. She told KHON2 a verbal argument escalated, the dog got loose, and the officer shot him.

Attorney General Doug Chin announced Thursday that criminal charges have been declined for now. The decision was reached, his office says, following an independent review of the evidence, and the evaluation of relevant criminal laws and legal defenses available in the state of Hawaii.

“At this time, the evidence is insufficient to prove criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt,” Chin said.

The investigation was conducted by the Department of the Attorney General and evaluated by both Chin and a deputy attorney general from the criminal justice division.

Officials met with Ramos to explain their findings.

“They said if anything comes up, if anybody wants to say anything more, be another witness that was there comes up and stuff, we can contact them for more evidence on the case,” Ramos told KHON2. “I’m discouraged, a little heartbroken. Maybe a lot heartbroken. It just doesn’t seem right. In the state of Hawaii, dogs are just looked at as property. They’re not considered like a person or anything like that.”

Ramos says she may pursue a civil lawsuit.

Ramos adds that her family has taken in one of Kaiele’s sons, Zeus, who was born on New Year’s Eve.

“I’m blessed to have a grand fur baby from Kaiele and to have his line still living,” she said.

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