Hospital says Winnie the therapy dog is healthy despite miscarriage

Sad news from Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

Its therapy dog, Winnie, has miscarried her puppies.

The hospital says the miscarriage was confirmed Thursday during a routine veterinary exam to check on the status of her pregnancy.

The puppies that were seen in previous ultrasounds were no longer there.

Winnie is currently on Maui with Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, where she is from. She was expected to give birth later this month.

The hospital says Winnie is doing fine and is healthy.

She’ll stay on Maui for the next few days, then return to work at the hospital.

The hospital said in a statement:

“As a women and children’s hospital, we know that each pregnancy, whether human or canine, is different and unfortunately does not always have a happy outcome. While we were all extremely excited to welcome the puppies and are disappointed by this news, we are grateful to know that Winnie is fine and healthy. She will remain on Maui for a few days, spending time with her siblings, and then will be back at Kapi‘olani doing what she does best – providing joy and comfort to our pediatric patients and everyone who comes into contact with her.”

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