Pair of liquor store thefts on windward side may be related

Police are searching for suspects involved in a pair of thefts Sunday morning on Oahu’s Windward side.

Police said it’s possible that the two cases are related. The suspects targeted liquor stores and were after a specific item.

In Kailua just after 7:30 Sunday morning – right after Kainehe Liquor opened up shop – two suspects barged in.

The owner of the store said one of them went straight for the cash register.

The suspect tried to open it by slamming it on the ground. When the owner try to confront the suspect, they fled the scene in a vehicle.

The register was connected to the counter so nothing was taken. About half an hour later, another store was hit this time in Kaneohe.

“A car pulled up, two guys came out, one stood by the door another guy ran in the store ran around grabbed the register yanked it out and ran out got in the car and took off,” the owner of Angie’s Market said.

About $300 was in his cash register. A woman he employs was working at the time, but no weapons were used and no one was hurt.

“Everything here can be replaced. I can replace the money. I can replace the register. But you can’t replace a human life. That’s why I tell my people just give them the money I don’t care about that,” the owner said.

Both store owners told KHON2 the suspects they encountered wore masks and were very quick.

“I would almost say this wasn’t their first rodeo,” the owner of Angie’s Market said, “the way they knew — it’s pure speculation — that they came in they did not hesitate at the counter she said they just walked right around and grabbed the register and out so they had to know where my register was.”

Angie’s Market has been targeted in the past.

“We have cameras now and we are going to have more,” the owner explained.

Police have opened an attempted theft case in Kailua and a theft investigation in Kaneohe.

They have the security camera video from both locations and are reviewing the recordings. No arrests have been made at this time.

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