Pendant with infant son’s ashes found!

An Oahu family said they’re extremely grateful after a pendant containing their infant son’s ashes was found.

KHON2 first told you about the Pacheco family a little more than a week ago.

They asked for help to find the pendant online after it was lost somewhere in the sand at Pokai Bay.

Thanks to the power of social media, their son’s ashes are back with them.

The Pacheco family told KHON2 they got the pendant back on Saturday, just one day before the one year anniversary of their son’s passing.

The two families reunited again Sunday afternoon at Pokai Bay.

“God has his hand on the situation from the beginning and we’re so grateful and thankful to that family that found Kadon,” Krissy Pacheco said.

Piilani Chong-Echiverri said she and her family were at Pokai Bay celebrating her son’s birthday on Saturday when her son found something in the sand.

“My son told me, ‘oh Mom, I found this necklace on the beach,’ and when he showed it to me I was like, ‘oh this is the necklace from Facebook,'” Chong-Echiverri said. “I think I had more chicken skin knowing what was inside the locket.”

Chong-Echiverri went to Facebook to track down the Pacheco family. Her husband, Bobby, also called our newsroom for help.

After some research, the two families got in contact and met.

“I was speechless, I’m a man of very few words to begin with,” Cameron Pacheco, Kadon’s father, said. “Big relief, big burden off my shoulders that got lifted right away when they brought it back.”

“It was like all relief, stress everything and just filled with joy that our family is put back together,” Krissy said.

Chong-Echiverri said it was an emotional reunion.

“Just to see the expressions on his face it was like I wanted to cry,” Chong-Echiverri said.

The Pachecos said they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

“I appreciate that so much because we wouldn’t have him back, where we are today, if it wasn’t for that,” Cameron said.

Sunday was the one year anniversary of Kadon’s passing and the family marked the anniversary with a balloon release at the Bay. Both families told KHON2 it’s no coincidence the pendant was found the same weekend.

“We was put here yesterday for a reason,” Bobby Chong-Echiverri said. “I’m happy that he got his son back. I’m very happy.”

Strangers who saw the post online came out to the beach to search and even offered to donate money for a reward.

The families said they plan to keep in touch.

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