HMSA Kaimana Awards recognizes students who have excelled despite personal hardships

Hawaii’s leading high schools and brightest student athletes received top honors at the HMSA Kaimana Awards and scholarship luncheon.

It’s one of the state’s most prestigious scholarship programs.

The Kaimana Awards recognize schools and students who excel simultaneously in academics, athletics, community service, healthy activities, and sportsmanship – giving 15 scholarships valued at $5,000 each.

This morning on Wake Up 2day, one of those exceptional students, Kacey Wong from Sacred Hearts Academy, joined us in studio to talk about the award and her accomplishments.

The Kaimana program sometimes recognizes students who have excelled despite personal hardships.

Wong says she suffered from five consecutive concussions that affected her ability to play sports and attend school and had to give up playing contact sports. She suffered from sensitivity to light, double vision, balance problems and memory loss.

But even though she had to leave school, she was still able to gradate with a 4.0 thanks to her mom who helped her to understand the importance of perseverance. Mom also taught her to never give up

Wong worked as a volunteer at a physical therapy clinic and developed a desire to help others in similar situations

She plans to attend Concordia University in Portland where she’ll study biology with a pre-medicine track.

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